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We help eliminate potential cyber threats to your business while utilizing Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solutions.
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Modernize Cybersecurity

Modernize Cybersecurity, Enhance Customer Trust

At TechBrein, we help eliminate the worries of downtime and secure clients’ businesses from potential cyber threats while leveraging a highly efficient Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution. With this comprehensive solution, we help businesses of all sizes to streamline and modernize their cybersecurity. Our team of experienced and talented professionals with a deep understanding of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and its features assist clients with everything from seamless integration to its management. Ultimately, the advanced features that come with the solution allow us to help businesses build a strong reputation and improve customer trust while preventing data loss.

Eliminate Complexity to Bring More Revenue

With the evolving cyberattacks in the digital era, our strategies at TechBrein are focused on strengthening clients’ cyber defence while utilizing advanced tools and technologies. We help businesses to make the most out of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to reduce complexity, increase efficiency and minimize cost with the help of its reliable backup and recovery solutions. TechBrein has partnered with Acronis with an aim to boost productivity and uplift revenue for a diverse range of businesses making use of an agile approach from the quick detection of threats to blocking them before they impact clients’ critical business operations.

Eliminate Complexity

Features of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

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Google WorkSpace Plans & Pricing

Conditions :

  1. Business plans have maximum limit for users. Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus plans can be purchased for a maximum of 300 users.
  2. There is no minimum or maximum user limit for Enterprise plans.
  3. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) customers may have access to additional features for a limited promotional period.
  4. * Price includes the special offer for new customers. This introductory special offer is only available for the first 20 users added, for 12 months. Standard discounted price will apply to all users after 12 months.
  5. Customers may cancel at any time.

Benefits of Choosing Us



With advanced backups and security add-on features that come with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud allow us to protect your critical data from potential threats and eliminate data loss which might negatively impact your overall business operations. Additionally, features like URL Filtering, Anti-Malware Scans, Exploit prevention and more help improve your business efficiency by keeping cyber threats at bay.

Unlike other cybersecurity solutions, Acronis allows you to get an all-in-one Cyber Protect Cloud as it is a one-point destination for backup, endpoint management, security and anti-malware protection. To know more about it, get in touch.

Sure, we would love to. Our expert team have a deep knowledge of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and is committed to helping you every step of the way. We would manage and monitor your cloud solution saving you time and helping you increase focus on other important business aspects.

The AI-powered cybersecurity solution, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud generally has a 5-stage protection plan.

  1. Prevention stage where best-in-class protection plans are implemented based on the threat alerts on Acronis.
  2. Detection stage which involves AI/ML-based threat detection along with behaviour analysis.
  3. Response stage where a quick response gets generated in accordance with AI-assisted visibility on the edge.
  4. Recovery stage brings you top-notch attack remediation involving integrated patching while eliminating any chance of data loss.
  5. Forensics stage, the final stage that presents an accurate and quick investigation by leveraging the features of forensic-rich backups.

Only authorized members of your business are allowed to access the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to ensure complete security and prevent the risk of a data breach. Furthermore, the admin can change the user access any time they want from a single console.

The slow backup of your Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud might be due to many reasons. If you need, we can look into it and find out what went wrong. Our talented team at TechBrein would analyze your Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to identify the root cause and recommend ways to troubleshoot it. We could also help manage your Cyber Protect Cloud after to ensure it is performing well and giving you maximum value. Additionally, we would implement strategies that eliminate any chances of such risks occurring in the future and impacting your critical business.

Though adopting Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud cannot directly increase sales, it can help build customer trust with the elimination of data loss worries. This way, more and more customers get drawn towards your business and hence eventually boost your sales as well as revenue. All in all, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud gives you an opportunity to fulfil your business goals and drive success.

Yes, absolutely. The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud supports several languages like English, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and many more.

Sure. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud allows seamless integration with a wide range of third-party applications including Microsoft Azure, Zoom Meetings, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and so on. Embrace this reliable solution and boost your business efficiency in the best possible way.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. Precisely speaking, it supports MAC Computers, Windows PCs, Android, iPhone and iPad. Its mobility allows you to maintain business continuity no matter where you are.

Clients Speak

Sahal Purayil

“We were having issues with our webmail system across multiple countries, which was impacting communication and productivity. TechBrein recommended Google Workspace after collecting various information and their setup and migration services were perfect. Theur team migrated our data quickly and the results were perfect. We didn’t face a single issue during or post migration. Our communication and productivity have improved significantly, and their support has been invaluable. Highly recommend their services!”


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